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How to Make a Reservation

"Transformation doesn't have to be deep, dark and mysterious. If you screw up, fine - laugh at yourself, learn and move on." - Iyanla Vanzant

Hummingbird Reservation Process

1: Fill out our Booking Form

The first step in applying for a place in one of our retreats is to fill out our online Booking Form. This includes a section on your medical history, and it is important you are as complete and accurate as possible in this section. You will receive a confirmation email after the form has been submitted. We will review the information and try to get back to you within 24hrs.

There may be follow up questions or information if needed to help us better understand your needs, get clarity on your medical background, or provide you with important information.

2: Submit Your Deposit

When the screening process is complete, we will send an email notifying you of acceptance to a retreat. Specific payment options and instructions are listed below. A 50% deposit is required to reserve a place in our ayahuasca retreats. You may pay in full if you choose, and you may pay the remaining balance in $US cash on arrival if you choose. You may also pay the balance by any of the options listed below. Your reservation will not be confirmed until we receive the deposit. Our Terms and Conditions contain a detailed explanation of our refund policy. We will confirm your reservations after we have received the deposit.

3: Book your Flights and Hotel

After we have notified you of acceptance to a retreat you may begin finalizing your travel arrangements. You should plan on arriving into Iquitos the day before your retreat begins so you have a night to rest from your travels. We have a ceremony the first night and it is important to be rested. See our Traveling to Iquitos page for hotel and travel suggestions.

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Retreat Payment Options

We will notify you after we have approved your booking form. To confirm your reservation please send a 50% deposit using one of the following methods:

Revolut Transfer

You may also transfer money from your Revolut account directly to our bank, using the bank information in the Bank Wire Transfer below. We will confirm payment when it arrives at our bank, usually 2-3 days.

Western Union

You can easily send payment online using your credit or debit card using Western Union from most countries. Simply search for Western Union, and it should show results for the WU site for your country.

Send your payment to Iquitos, Peru in the name of "Gina Ysabel Mosquera Vega de Davis" (yes, all that!). Gina's name needs to be letter perfect, matching what is on her National ID, or they will not release the funds.

Be sure to select the option to send $US, not in Peruvian Soles.

Email us the information about the transfer . Please be sure to include the name of the person paying, the MTCN number, the exact amount sent, and the country you are sending it from. We cannot pick up the funds without all four pieces of information.

Gina has five names. For online systems that only accept two names you can put her first two names in the First Name field and her other three in the Last Name field.

If you are asked for an address please use the following. There is no zip or postal code in Peru. If the system requires a zip code enter 00000.

Monitor Huascar #226
Iquitos, Peru

Bank Wire Transfer

The information below can be used to wire your payment from your bank to ours. If you choose this option confirm with your bank all fees that will be charged for the transfer. Note that wire transfers routinely show up $30-$100 short, and neither the sending or receiving bank has ever claimed responsibility for the shortage.

Peruvian banks do not use an IBAN. They are identified using a Swift Code.
Bank Name: Interbank
Bank Address: Calle Prospero 598, Iquitos, Peru
Bank Branch: Iquitos
Recipient Name: Gina Ysabel Mosquera Vega de Davis
Recipient Email: [email protected]
Bank Account #: 003-747-013066398560-39
Swift Code: BINPPEPL

If your bank requires a recipient address please use the following. There is no zip or postal code in Peru. If the system requires a zip code enter 00000.

Monitor Huascar #226
Iquitos, Peru

Cash on Arrival

Paying in cash in $US is also an option. We will need your complete flight itinerary in an email to confirm your reservation. Please bring only crisp new bills with no writing and no tears along the crease. The banks in Peru will not accept bills with minor damage that are fine in most other places.

Bring the money with you and do not expect to get it out of cash machines when you arrive. Cash machines in Peru only allow one to withdraw $200 at a time. While you may make multiple withdrawals up to the daily limit set by your bank, the fees will add up quickly.

Many people pay the deposit with PayPal, then pay the balance with cash on arrival. This is our preferred option as there are very high fees in Peru for receiving payments via PayPal.

Credit Card or PayPal

You may pay using the PayPal service to pay by credit card or directly from your PayPal account. If you want to pay by credit card but do not have a PayPal account, PayPal may ask you to create one depending on which country you are in. In the drop down list below, please select either 50% Deposit or full payment Retreat for the length of time you are reserving.


Retreat Options

Getting to the Hummingbird Center

All participants that begin their stay at the start of one of our 7 - 12 day retreats will be met at the Las Terrazas restaurant on the Boulevard, a river front park a block away from the Plaza de Armas and near the hotels. Here is a link to Google Maps for Las Terrazas. It is on the left corner facing the buildings. You will be picked up at 10 am on the 1st day of the retreat. This is a very easy restaurant to find, just ask your hotel or any motocar driver. We will send out a reminder email about the pickup time and location a few days before the retreat begins.

Unless you have arranged to pay in cash on arrival, please be sure to pay any remaining balance by the day before your retreat begins.

For those beginning your stay on a different date, we will work out the pick up on an individual basis. We do encourage you to start your stay with the 12 or 9 day retreat programs as it flows smoother than other starting dates.

Preparing for your Ayahuasca Retreat

Please be sure to read all of the following pages before embarking on your retreat as they contain important information for your comfort, health and safety: