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Recommended Healers in Other Countries

“Nothing happens until the pain of remaining the same outweighs the pain of change.” - Arthur Burt

If you are unable to attend our ayahuasca retreats in Peru, or would like additional help upon your return home, the Hummingbird Healing Center recommends the following healers in different locations around the world.

All of the listed healers have visited the Hummingbird Healing Center multiple times, and are of the highest integrity and skill. They are from different healing traditions, and have given workshops and offered healing services while at the center.

These healers can be a great nearby resource for helping you work through any new challenges that may arise in your life. They each have extensive experience with ayahuasca and huachuma (san pedro) and are able to help you integrate your experiences with those medicines. All of our clients who were fortunate enough to share an ayahuasca retreat with them greatly benefited from their presence.


Orion - NSW, AustraliaOrion is an initiated shaman in the Spirit of the Earth Medicine Society of Australia. He is trained in both Australian Aboriginal and Native American Ways. He offers one-on-one work, healing retreats and vision quests, and holds a monthly Men's Fire Circle. His passion is helping men free themselves from the false conditioning of our societies so they can be their authentic selves.

With his background as a combat engineer in the Australian Military, Orion is especially skilled in helping veterans recover from PTSD. Orion is also a shamanic teacher and, after years of study, one of his students recently completed their 5 day initiation process here at the Hummingbird Healing Center. You may connect with Orion through his Truth and Power website.

Orion is also the founder of the The Wyla Centre for Wellness, a non-profit organization dedicated to healing trauma, including PTSD. Their program is Integrative Medicine and combines the best of all healing worlds whilst looking to create community in the process. It embraces the best of psychology while integrating the best of the "old" ways including Sweat Lodge and community rituals.

Stacy Keast (Silver Bear)

Stacy Keast (Silver Bear) - Lincolnshire, EnglandStacy is a shamanic practitioner and teacher who began manifesting her gifts with spirit in early childhood. Her Shamanic training came later in life through a northern European teacher who trained people in the Peruvian shamanic practices of the Shipibo. Stacy came to the Hummingbird Healing Center many years later and had an instant connection with ayahausca.

In her words, "My experience was and has been profound. Ayahuasca has been working with me ever since my visit. I can be working with a client when ayahuasca wants to work with the client. She works through my energy field to connect to the traumas that need releasing." Stacy is a powerful healer with a very playful and loving spirit who is a joy to be around. You may connect with Stacy through her Shamanic Training and Healing website.

Darlene Joy

Darlene Joy - Colorado, United StatesDarlene is an intuitive, clairvoyant and empathic energy healer with the ability to connect with another's spirit guides. She is deeply insightful and can quickly get to the root of people's problems and then help then be free of them.

Darlene has a strong connection with the spirit of huachuma, and is highly skilled in clearing negative energies and emotional blocks. The Hummingbird Healing Center regularly recommends people to her and have received many emails of effusive thanks for those recommendations. You may connect with Darlene through her Destiny of Soul website.