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Icaros: Songs of Healing

"I know this transformation is painful, but you're not falling apart; you're just falling into something different, with a new capacity to be beautiful." - William C. Hannan

The singing of icaros, the songs of the shaman, is integral to the ayahuasca healing experience, often directing the ayahuasca ceremony and any visions that arise. The shaman has songs for each person's needs, the vibrations of which summon plant spirits and healing energies with words that tell of nature's ability to heal.

How Icaros Affect Ayahuasca Healing

The icaros empower and direct the ayahuasca so it can act with greater intensity and focus on your behalf. For instance, an icaro may call in the energy of a stream or sacred waterfall to wash away illness and assist with your ayahuasca healing, or it may summon brightly colored flowers with the power to attract good fortune. Icaros may also call in the spirits of specific plants to effect healing and cleanse the energies of those in the ayahuasca ceremony.

The ayahuasca healing takes place as the vibrations of the icaros rearrange the patterns, wave forms and frequency of your energy system. As a result of this shift in energy, you become, in a sense, a new person who can see and understand life from a new perspective. Any sadness, illness, anger or other unhelpful energies are transformed into ecstasy, well-being and love.

How Music Affects Ayahuasca Healing

The singing of icaros is frequently accompanied by the chacapa, a leaf rattle used to hold the rhythm of the song. Traditional bead and gourd rattles may also be used. These have a different sound, and therefore different energy than the chacapa, and are used to alter the ayhuasca healing effect of the icaro on the participants.

In addition to singing icaros, some ayahuasqueros use other musical instruments, including small harps, bells or drums. The vibrational energy of these instruments are directed by the ayahuasquero to clear and straighten the energies of those in the ayahuasca ceremony.

12 Day Ayahuasca Retreats
View of ayahuasca retreat center's main lodge across their pond

Experience the deep healing and teaching of Peru’s two visionary medicine plants on a 12-day retreat that includes 7 ceremonies. Allow these powerful medicine plants to get at to root of your problems, clearing energies, beliefs and thought patterns that keep you limited in your daily life. Let ayahuasca and san pedro clear the blocks that keep you repeating the same unproductive behavior, and find the freedom to express your authentic self!

9 Day Ayahuasca Retreats
maloca where ayahuasca ceremonies are held

Our 9 day retreat is an introduction to the magic of ayahuasca and the san pedro visionary cactus, with 5 total ceremonies. This retreat is a great choice for those looking for clarity of purpose, relief from minor emotional struggles, a deeper understanding of themselves and freedom to live more authentically, or to deepen your spiritual understanding and connection with the divine. It also includes two talks on reprogramming your subconscious mind.

Immersion Ayahuasca Retreats
 Ayahuasca shaman giving an arcana at the retreat center

Immersion retreats are for those looking for extended work with ayahuasca, who desire a master plant dieta, or whose condition needs a longer treatment plan. We offer extended stays of 3 or 4 weeks. Immersion retreats include at least one 8 day dieta with a master medicine plant chosen by the shaman to help with your healing and learning. These longer stays include more ceremonies and personalized coaching from the shaman and facilitators.