The Hummingbird Healing Center is a family owned business, owned and operated by Jim Davis and his Peruvian wife, Gina. Our family lives at the center, and everyone contributes to its smooth running, including the light of our lives, our 9 year old grand daughter Tayra! All of our ceremonies and dietas are led by our curandero Don Fernando Laiche, who is a fourth generation ayahuasquero with over 38 years of experience. We also have a master huesero, or bone doctor, who comes for each retreat, and some guests have said it was worth coming to Peru just for his work!

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Fernando Laiche

Master Ayahuasca Shaman

Maestro Don Fernando’s journey with ayahuasca began when he was 15 years old. After a year long illness when he was 14, Fernando met the curandero Juan Salas in Pucallpa who said he could heal him. Fernando spent three months with Juan, taking various plant medicines, doing diets, and sitting in ayahuasca ceremonies with Juan, but not yet drinking. After three months Fernando was healed, and this experience fired a deep interest in healing with plant medicines and ayahuasca. He began drinking ayahuasca with Juan, and after a year decided he wanted to learn to be an ayahuasquero and curandero.

Juan taught Fernado in the true way of a master of medicine plants and ayahuasca, spending months in the jungle teaching the plants and connection with the doctor spirits of the Amazon. Fernando would spend months in the jungle, and get a week off. Another three months in the jungle, and a week off. His maestro Juan was the only person he saw during the time in the jungle. This time of intense learning and dieting lasted for three years. After several demonstrations healing people from a variety of illnesses, Juan proclaimed Fernando ready to work as a curandero on his own.

During his travels a few years later, Don Fernando spent two years with the Campo tribe learning more about plants with medicinal value and their particular healing tradition. Fernando also took it upon himself to learn more about the human body and condition, reading many books on human anatomy and physiology, psychology and philosophy.

Don Fernando does not care for the term "shaman", as it is a term recently applied by westerners. He considers himself a curandero, a healer, and has been working with ayahuasca over 38 years, as a curandero for over 30. He is a truly gentle and humble man, and a powerful healer who among other problems has cured a variety of forms of cancer. Fernando takes exceptional care of people during ceremony, and if someone get a little too affected by the medicine or distressed, he is right their to calm their energy and can even reduce the effect of the medicine. During each ceremony he will do specific healing for each person, spending about 10 minutes in front of them singing an icaro. Almost everyone clearly feels the power and energy of his healing.

Curandero y Ayahuascquero Fernando Laiche

Jim Davis

Center Owner

Jim comes from Seattle, Washington in the USA. He’s had an interesting and eclectic career in various occupations, including working as a commercial fisherman in the Bering Sea, as a chemist, and as a software engineer.

It was his study of religion and spirituality, as well as his own journey of healing that eventually brought Jim to Peru where he was led to commit to working with ayahuasca healing. Being on the other side of a life-long struggle with depression and alcoholism, Jim truly understands the pain, confusion and negative thought patterns that plague so many of us.

Because he’s lived through it, he’s able to connect with people, figure out where they’re at, and offer compassionate support and guidance to help them let go of false beliefs they harbor about themselves.

Jim has studied many spiritual traditions and was deeply influenced by the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Krishnamurti, A Course in Miracles and Ernest Holmes, the founder of Science of Mind. While not overtly spiritual in the language he uses, the recognition of our True nature underlies the coaching and guidance he provides. In his time with the Center for Spiritual Living in Seattle, Jim volunteered for two years in their Coming of Age program for teenagers, which was based on Lakota Indian traditions. He brings much of the Lakota wisdom he learned to his work at the Hummingbird Center.

In addition to completing 11 very strict master plant dietas under the guidance of an ayahuasquero, Jim has been through a number of different healing processes and transformative workshops, and has formal training in facilitation and spiritual healing. He brings practical wisdom to his daily work, as well the insight and skill from personally facilitating the ayahuasca process of over 1300 people.

Guiding people through this often difficult journey with ayahuasca has been Jim’s daily work since 2010. His compassionate and supportive presence provides a safe and loving space, allowing people the freedom to face their shadows and release the pain of the past.

Ayahuasca Retreat Center Owner

Gina Mosquera Davis

Center Owner

Gina is a native of Iquitos, Peru and delights in ensuring our guests have what they need to enjoy their stay. Affectionately called "Mama Gina", her warm and loving presence is appreciated by all.

From her upbringing, Gina has a rich knowledge of medicinal plants and frequently acts as the house nurse, using her knowledge of plants to help people with a variety of health and first aid issues.

Gina’s primary role at the center is managing the workers and facilities. She’s also an excellent cook and the reason the food we serve is so delicious!

She is the devoted mother of two young men, and grandmother to 9-year-old Tayra, who she absolutely adores!

Ayahuasca Retreat Center Owner

Jorge Vela Davila

Huesero (Bone Doctor)

Jorge comes from a long family tradition of bone healers. Their family gift is the ability to straighten out the skeletal system. Jorge’s work is surprisingly gentle, massaging muscles and moving limbs to help joints shift back into position.

He’s exceptionally skilled at straightening the spinal column and has straightened out scoliosis with a full inch of lateral displacement. He has also corrected the breathing of many people who’ve suffered a broken nose and been told by Western doctors that only surgery would repair it. Jorge can make delicate adjustments in hands and feet and has also corrected many knee problems.

If you have any persistent aches in the body, we recommend that you have him take a look, as he may be able to clear it.

Jorge comes to the Hummingbird Center on the third day of each ayahuasca retreat and can return for more sessions if needed. Each session costs only 50 soles, paid directly to Jorge.

Huesero (Bone Doctor) Jorge Vela Davila