While our remote location is ideal for relaxation and transformation, it makes it difficult to contact us by phone. The signal strength at our ayahuasca retreat center is very poor, so email is the most reliable form of communication. If you need to speak with us by phone, please send an email and we will arrange a time to have a call on Skype.

For more information about booking your stay at the Hummingbird Ayahuasca Retreat Center, please visit our Reservations page.

Focused on growth and healing, our ayahuasca retreats also strive to empower people by helping them directly connect with the strength and beauty that lies within us all. Practical advice is given on how to deal with our unproductive thoughts and emotions. Our goal is that you not only benefit from the magic of these wonderful medicine plants, but also take home tools you can apply on a day to day basis.

Our retreats are limited to no more than 12 people and there are multiple caretakers in each ayahuasca ceremony who are not partaking of the medicine. Help is always available if you need it, and we encourage people to open up and talk about the struggles or frustrations they may have so we can coach them on how to transcend it with the help of ayahuasca and san pedro. We help people get clear on their intentions for each ceremony and can give practical advice on how to work with specific issues they may have.

The Hummingbird Center is dedicated to helping people find their own power, accept and like themselves, and help them learn to be themselves without concern of what other people think. We emphasize the commonality of all humanity, the enigma of while being so incredibly unique, we are also not very different from each other. When we accept ourselves, we naturally find acceptance and compassion for others.

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