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Hummingbird Center Terms and Conditions

In booking a retreat with the Hummingbird Healing Center you accept and agree to abide by all the following Terms and Conditions. The process of transformation, growth and healing can be difficult, challenging. It is important all participants treat each other with respect, consideration and kindness. The Hummingbird Center always strives to provide a safe and open environment conducive to the expression and release of the pain and sorrow of life and will ensure that any one individual is not allow to disrupt that space.

“The Participant" is the person attending a retreat at the Hummingbird Healing Center, henceforth referred to as HHC.

  1. The Organizers reserve the right to accept or decline a Participant booking at any time.
  2. The Participant agrees to take part in a program at HHC, including its plant ceremonies. You understand that you will be consuming ayahuasca and san pedro, and possible other plant medicines of the Amazon.
  3. The Participant understands that ayahuasca and san pedro are psychoactive substances classified as entheogens, whose consumption results in altered states of consciousness and may involve significant changes of mood, emotions, thoughts, perception, and visionary/hallucinatory experiences.
  4. You understand that physical effects may include nausea, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty walking, the possibility of fainting, and other unpleasant physical effects.
  5. The Organizers will do their utmost to ensure the safety and comfort of the Participant within the remit of this program. The Participant, in turn, agrees to exercise respect, caution and consideration for him or herself and for others during this event, including at the venue and in other environments, and indemnifies the Organizers against claims for injury, loss, damage, misadventure or inconvenience at all stages.
  6. In the event the Participant’s behavior during ceremony poses a threat to their own or other people’s safety, the Organizers reserve the right to physically restrain them until such time as they are in good control of their behavior. Such restraint will be conducted in as gentle a manner as possible, with respect for the individual and understanding of their altered state of conscious and the distortion of perception that is possible under the influence of ayahuasca and san pedro.
  7. The Participant understands that any sexual activity between other participants of staff is prohibited, including married couples. This is to prevent the potentially dangerous crossing of energies that can happen from sexual behavior in the highly open state incurred while working with ayahuasca. If an attraction does form with another participant, you agree to postpone any such activity till at least two weeks after the end of your time at HHC.
  8. The Participant agrees to stay in the ayahuasca ceremonies until they are formally closed. They will not return to their room or go to any other place during the ceremony. The sole exception to this is the toilets. This is for their own safety and the wellbeing of all participants. Should the Participant not follow this rule they may be asked to leave the Center and shall have no entitlement to complaint or refund and will bear any expenses as a result of this.
  9. The Participant acknowledges they have read and understood the HHC Medical Safety web page and are fully aware of the of the list of substances contraindicated with consumption of ayahuasca. Additionally, you acknowledge you have provided the full details of all medications and drugs taken in the past 12 months in responses to the medical questionnaire.
  10. The Organizers have recommended that the Participant, prior to entry into this Agreement, seeks and obtains health or medical advice as to the effect of plants and herbal medicines singly and in combination with any medication they are taking. The Participant avows that he or she, having done so or deemed it unnecessary, is in a physical and mental condition appropriate to the activities described in this brochure and agrees to participate at his or her own risk. The responsibility for taking accurate and timely health precautions, professional medical advice, and for acting upon this (or otherwise) is solely with the Participant.
  11. The Participant has been advised that ayahuasca is a visionary plant and is clear on the meaning of this. Reference sources have been provided which may describe the ayahuasca experience and the Participant has conducted other research where appropriate to satisfy him or herself of the effects that may be produced. The liability is with the Participant.
  12. The Participant agrees that they are in a physical and mental condition appropriate to the activities described in this workshop and agrees to participate at their own risk. The responsibility for taking accurate and timely health precautions and professional medical advice is with the Participant.
  13. The Participant confirms that they have not been diagnosed with any psychotic disorder, including schizophrenia, delusional, or bi-polar disorder. You also affirm you have never had any psychotic episode regardless of not receiving the aforementioned diagnoses.
  14. The Participant has made confidential disclosures regarding medical conditions and/or use of medications. The Organizers agree to keep these in confidence unless required by law to divulge them and/or for the resolution of any dispute. The Participant agrees to inform the Organizers of any change in circumstances.
  15. The Participant understands and agrees to adhere strictly to the required diet, drug, and pharmacological restrictions required by HHC for at least two weeks prior to the first ceremony and for at least two weeks following the last ceremony. The most important restrictions are no drugs or alcohol, no pork and no sexual activity.
  16. If the Participant does not adhere to these Terms and Conditions as well as all restrictions required by HHC, the Organizer will not be held liable for the consequences (which can be severe psychological and energetic damage), and reserves the right to expel the Participant without prior notice, responsibility for a refund, or providing accommodation outside of HHC.
  17. The Organizers agree to supply transportation, plant medicines, accommodation and food as part of this event during the dates given and within the guidelines supplied (e.g., the ayahuasca diet). The Organizers are not responsible for travel or other costs outside of this program or for flight cancellations or other interruptions or travel disruptions and no refunds, reimbursements or payments-in-kind will be made for these.
  18. The Organizers reserve the right to make changes to the itinerary or costs of this program if necessary or to cancel this event if need be. In the unlikely event that the program is cancelled a full refund will be made to the Participant of fees paid by him or her to the Organizers. The Organizers are not, however, responsible for other costs which the Participant may incur or have incurred such as transportation or the purchase of any goods or materials.
  19. The Participant will not hold the Organizers liable for damages, injuries, losses, accidents or delays, including willful or negligent acts, failures to act or breaches of contract by any parties which supply goods or services for this event.
  20. The Participant indemnifies the Organizers against loss or damage, including that resulting from insufficient or improperly issued passports, visas or other travel documents.
  21. The Participant has been advised to take out suitable medical and travel insurance for their journey and this event, covering personal accident, medical expenses, losses, repatriation costs and all other expenses which might arise as a result of loss, damage, injury, delay or inconvenience. Group leaders must also ensure that they have adequate public liability insurance to cover themselves and their group in case of accidents or other misfortunes. The Organizers are not liable for such expenses.
  22. The Participant - and his or her family – understand that the Amazon rainforest and this program represent travel of a unique nature and will hold the Organizers and its associates, representatives and employees blameless for any injury or ailment occurring during this program or afterwards. The onus is on the Participant to explain this program to others if need be and to ensure their agreement and understanding.
  23. The Participant agrees to show respect for the environment he or she is in and to act with courtesy and dignity towards other group members and local and native people at The Hummingbird Healing Center and during external activities. Should the Participant commit any illegal act or should his or her behavior adversely affect other people’s enjoyment of this event he or she may be asked to leave the Center and shall have no entitlement to complaint or refund and will bear any expenses as a result of this.
  24. The Organizer reserves the right to expel any participant without prior notice, responsibility for a refund, or providing accommodation outside of HHC, at their sole discretion. The Organizer holds no responsibility for explanation of, or justification for such a choice.
  25. Once a registration is approved, retreat payments and deposits are non-refundable.
  26. Full payment must be made before the start of the retreat unless prior arrangements have been made to pay any balance in cash on arrival. The Participant understand that entry to transportation to HHC and the retreat may be denied until full payment is made.
  27. If the Participant decides to cancel their reservation more than 4 weeks prior to the start of the retreat, they may transfer to a different program, and different retreat date, or apply payments as credit toward any future retreat for the next two years. If the participant cancels their reservation within 4 weeks of the start of the retreat, these rules apply only if the Organizer can fill their place in the retreat.
  28. If a Participant chooses to leave a retreat early for any reason, they understand they do so at their own choice and the Organizers are not responsible nor liable for any form of refund or reimbursement.
  29. The Participant agrees to take full responsibility for your own actions, safety and welfare, including unanticipated events, injury, illness, emotional trauma, moral injury or death. In case of injury, death, loss or damage, you hereby release and discharge Hummingbird Center E.I.R.L., a Peruvian corporation, its shareholders, directors, officers, agents and employees, its associates, sub-contractors, volunteers, family successors and other participants, and you agree to waive all rights to seek or receive compensation from and against any and all liability, loss, cost, expense or damage arising, directly or indirectly, from your stay at HHC, including your participation in any program activities. You further agree to defend and indemnify them from any claims, suits and demands. This agreement is binding upon yourself, your spouse, your parents, family, heirs, executors, administrators, agents and assigns.