For deep healing on an energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual level, clients from around the world trust the Hummingbird Healing Center. From our sacred ayahuasca ceremonies to the restorative accommodations & meals, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the very best ayahuasca retreat in Peru, and we appreciate the kind words and accolades from our guests.

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Love and transformation

Hummingbird, you are the soul of love and transformation!

Siobhan, England

I've never been to such a beautiful place

I've never been to such a beautiful place. Everyone is so kind and open. The plants, the animals, the colors, the energy! I am so lucky to have come here and can't wait to return.

Julie, USA

Magical and peaceful

I had a wonderful stay at The Hummingbird. It is a magical and peaceful place with great energy and I really appreciated your down-to-earth openness, friendliness and love.

Will, England

Gratitude and love

What a healing experience this has been! The only emotions I wish to convey are gratitude and love.

Cathy, Belgium

Thank you

My soul was hungry and you fed me, my mind was tired and you comforted me, my body just had FUN! Thank you. I will see you again.

Steve, Germany

An oasis of beauty

Love and gratitude to all who hold space at The Hummingbird, an oasis of beauty, mystery and enchantment. I had the most wonderful time being part of your dream.

Linda, USA

Muchos gracias

Muchos gracias to all at The Hummingbird. Magical setting, much love, sweetness in abundance...

Leslie, USA

Beautiful people in the garden of love

How can I be more thankful to you all. Beautiful people in the garden of love, full of magic and answered dreams. I will never forget my healing at The Hummingbird. Arigato (thank you), ai shiteru (I love you), ma ta ne (see you again!)

Ryoko, Japan

Rest your mind, rest your body, open your heart

The Hummingbird Center... rest your mind, rest your body, open your heart, listen to the jungle, listen to the plants, listen to the animals, hear their stories. I remember feeling like it was Ancient Greece, standing under stars by firelight, singing a song that was/is a conversation between two people each illuminating a path for the other, holding court together in the name of love. That is The Hummingbird Center. I remember.

Jamie, USA

Truly magical

The Hummingbird is truly magical. I'm so incredibly grateful to have been given this opportunity. All the lessons I have learned from the people and the plants have changed the course of my life. Don't take anything for granted here. Things will happen that you can't explain - the best advice I can give you is embrace the magic. You're in the Amazon, the lungs of our planet! A place where plants have spirits that teach you! Super-WOW! Welcome to Iquitos!

Sarita, USA