My journey here at The Hummingbird was all that I didn't expect - in a good way! I came with a rational Western scientific mind which was the result of many years studying biology and the influence of the society I grew up in. What brought me was research I did on the biochemistry and healing of ayahuasca. I thought it was just another drug and I didn't believe in spirits. But I was wrong! This retreat definitely saved my life. It was what I needed to heal my body, my heart and my soul. I am now free from IBS which I suffered from for two years. I can now eat legumes, which I couldn't for 1.5 years. I learned to surrender, get rid of my fears, to listen, find discipline within myself and open my heart to the beauty of this world. I cried and laughed many times and I feel wiser, cleaner and stronger. My negativity has gone and I can now taste love and live it fully and completely. Thank you - you will be in my heart forever.

Ariane, Canada