It's not an easy task to express what The Hummingbird means to me. I was an anxious, unconfident, closed-off, somewhat judgemental person when I arrived. Now I am transformed and I credit these changes to all of the loving, supportive people here, the magical surroundings and the medicine. Before I came I didn't think I needed to 'heal' but I was wrong. I have healed and I am a better person now thanks to The Hummingbird's atmosphere of healing, learning, love and humor - what a powerful combination! I have grown so much and learned more about my spirit in the three months I spent here than I had in my entire life before. I feel equipped to deal with any challenge. I never believed in God until I came here. No matter where I go or what I do - EVER - this place will never leave my heart and a piece of my heart will remain with you.

Charlie, America