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Testimonials & Reviews

“Nothing gets transformed in your life until your mind is transformed.” – Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha


For deep healing on an energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual level, clients from around the world trust the Hummingbird Healing Center. From our sacred ayahuasca ceremonies to the restorative accommodations & meals, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the very best ayahuasca retreat in Peru, and we appreciate the kind words and accolades from our guests.

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Forever thankful

The place is so beautiful and peaceful. Jim and his staff are really great. I felt very safe there and I am forever thankful. Having a real shaman made all the difference and Manain is a very powerful one. So grateful that he prays for us during the ceremony and his faith is so beautiful. Jim always encouraged me and taught me lessons I will never forget. I enjoyed his singing a lot :) I definitely recommend this place . I was very afraid of taking aya again (I had a bad experience once and there was no shaman), but there was no need for that as I felt very protected and safe. If you feel called to take ayahuasca, this is the place to go.


Exceptional Experience

This center is truly focused on healing. Working with these sacred plant medicines showed me how to continue to heal myself. Jim and the staff expressed compassion and sincerity. Jim is a wonderful man with expansive knowledge about life. The jungle surrounding the property was awe inspiring. The tranquil setting was perfect to reflect and rest from the ceremonies. really enjoyed the company of the dogs. Wish I could have stayed longer.

Chris O

Life Changing Experience

I stayed at the Hummingbird center for one month in August of 2015. Prior to my stay I went through many years of anxiety and depression. I lost my will to live. After talk therapy and medication failed to be effective I decided to give Ayahuasca a try. It’s been three and a half years since my stay and my life is forever changed for the better. My experience with Ayahuasca has taught me that I hold the key to my happiness and I will never forget that. I have been working on myself ever since then I will continue for the rest of my life.


Thank you

First, I just want to say *thank you*. No email like this can do my gratitude justice. Coming down to Hummingbird was the best decision I could have made and I've been thinking of you all with great warmth and love as I plow my way forward through life back here at home. Everything has been great back here. I feel like I left whole giant pieces of things behind me and I am much more free. I have confidence in places I didn't even realize I lacked it. Little things come up all the time where I realize that I am relating to it differently. It's very much like suddenly realizing that you haven't seen that old blue sweater in ages and that you don't really miss it and never needed it, anyway.

Michael, USA

Thank you for your love and compassion

As I returned home a truly changed person, it took a while to be able to begin to integrate the new concepts and changes into this urban busy life. I still struggle to maintain my clearness of intention but I am so impressed at Ayahuasca's ability to keep giving its gift to my life's perspective. It surprises me when I realize there is a new thought, and new habit of happiness and these changes that have possessed me are permanent. I don't have to TRY to be different and live this new way, I just AM. You all gave me that. A change for the better installed like a software upgrade to my brain. Your guidance and comfort surely proved to be fundamental to my positive experience at the Hummingbird. Thank you for your love and compassion.

Cory, USA

Thank you - you will be in my heart forever

My journey here at The Hummingbird was all that I didn't expect - in a good way! I came with a rational Western scientific mind which was the result of many years studying biology and the influence of the society I grew up in. What brought me was research I did on the biochemistry and healing of ayahuasca. I thought it was just another drug and I didn't believe in spirits. But I was wrong! This retreat definitely saved my life. It was what I needed to heal my body, my heart and my soul. I am now free from IBS which I suffered from for two years. I can now eat legumes, which I couldn't for 1.5 years. I learned to surrender, get rid of my fears, to listen, find discipline within myself and open my heart to the beauty of this world. I cried and laughed many times and I feel wiser, cleaner and stronger. My negativity has gone and I can now taste love and live it fully and completely. Thank you - you will be in my heart forever.

Ariane, Canada

Highlight of my South American travels

My stay at the Hummingbird has been the highlight of my South American travels so far and the people I met there by far the nicest and I will treasure the memory forever. I will make it back to you guys one day, hopefully sooner rather than later. I feel that the ayahuasca has already made such a difference in my outlook on life and I feel it continuing to work its magic everyday. I know that this is just the beginning of its healing work on me and that it will continue to clear out stuff over the coming months. I will send you another bulletin once it does. The strange dreams I had in the first few weeks after leaving have worn off (I don't know if that is a good or a bad thing haha).

Dina, USA

I have healed and I am a better person now

It's not an easy task to express what The Hummingbird means to me. I was an anxious, unconfident, closed-off, somewhat judgemental person when I arrived. Now I am transformed and I credit these changes to all of the loving, supportive people here, the magical surroundings and the medicine. Before I came I didn't think I needed to 'heal' but I was wrong. I have healed and I am a better person now thanks to The Hummingbird's atmosphere of healing, learning, love and humor - what a powerful combination! I have grown so much and learned more about my spirit in the three months I spent here than I had in my entire life before. I feel equipped to deal with any challenge. I never believed in God until I came here. No matter where I go or what I do - EVER - this place will never leave my heart and a piece of my heart will remain with you.

Charlie, America

You have loved me into transformation!

Words cannot adequately express the depth of awe and gratitude I feel. You have loved me into transformation! I am forever changed, uplifted and filled with joy.

Lori, America

A wonderful experience.

A wonderful experience. Such a loving place. This place has renewed my soul; what a sacred container you create here. I plan to return every year.

Steve, America

Love and transformation

Hummingbird, you are the soul of love and transformation!

Siobhan, England

I've never been to such a beautiful place

I've never been to such a beautiful place. Everyone is so kind and open. The plants, the animals, the colors, the energy! I am so lucky to have come here and can't wait to return.

Julie, USA

Magical and peaceful

I had a wonderful stay at The Hummingbird. It is a magical and peaceful place with great energy and I really appreciated your down-to-earth openness, friendliness and love.

Will, England

Gratitude and love

What a healing experience this has been! The only emotions I wish to convey are gratitude and love.

Cathy, Belgium

Thank you

My soul was hungry and you fed me, my mind was tired and you comforted me, my body just had FUN! Thank you. I will see you again.

Steve, Germany

An oasis of beauty

Love and gratitude to all who hold space at The Hummingbird, an oasis of beauty, mystery and enchantment. I had the most wonderful time being part of your dream.

Linda, USA

Muchos gracias

Muchos gracias to all at The Hummingbird. Magical setting, much love, sweetness in abundance...

Leslie, USA

Beautiful people in the garden of love

How can I be more thankful to you all. Beautiful people in the garden of love, full of magic and answered dreams. I will never forget my healing at The Hummingbird. Arigato (thank you), ai shiteru (I love you), ma ta ne (see you again!)

Ryoko, Japan

Rest your mind, rest your body, open your heart

The Hummingbird Center... rest your mind, rest your body, open your heart, listen to the jungle, listen to the plants, listen to the animals, hear their stories. I remember feeling like it was Ancient Greece, standing under stars by firelight, singing a song that was/is a conversation between two people each illuminating a path for the other, holding court together in the name of love. That is The Hummingbird Center. I remember.

Jamie, USA

Truly magical

The Hummingbird is truly magical. I'm so incredibly grateful to have been given this opportunity. All the lessons I have learned from the people and the plants have changed the course of my life. Don't take anything for granted here. Things will happen that you can't explain - the best advice I can give you is embrace the magic. You're in the Amazon, the lungs of our planet! A place where plants have spirits that teach you! Super-WOW! Welcome to Iquitos!

Sarita, USA

An experience that changed my life

An experience that changed my life for the better. It is hard to describe something so magical but I will draw from it for the rest of my days.

Annette , USA