Jorge Vela Davila

Jorge Vela Davila
Huesero (Bone Doctor)

Jorge comes from a long family tradition of bone healers. Their family gift is the ability to straighten out the skeletal system. Jorge’s work is surprisingly gentle, massaging muscles and moving limbs to help joints shift back into position.

He’s exceptionally skilled at straightening the spinal column and has straightened out scoliosis with a full inch of lateral displacement. He has also corrected the breathing of many people who’ve suffered a broken nose and been told by Western doctors that only surgery would repair it. Jorge can make delicate adjustments in hands and feet and has also corrected many knee problems.

If you have any persistent aches in the body, we recommend that you have him take a look, as he may be able to clear it.

Jorge comes to the Hummingbird Center on the third day of each ayahuasca retreat and can return for more sessions if needed. Each session costs only 50 soles, paid directly to Jorge.