Jim Davis

Center Owner Jim Davis
Center Owner

Jim comes from Seattle, Washington in the USA. He’s had an interesting and eclectic career in various occupations, including working as a commercial fisherman in the Bering Sea, as a chemist, and as a software engineer.

It was his study of religion and spirituality, as well as his own journey of healing that eventually brought Jim to Peru where he was led to commit to working with ayahuasca healing. Being on the other side of a life-long struggle with depression and alcoholism, Jim truly understands the pain, confusion and negative thought patterns that plague so many of us.

Because he’s lived through it, he’s able to connect with people, figure out where they’re at, and offer compassionate support and guidance to help them let go of false beliefs they harbor about themselves.

Jim has studied many spiritual traditions and was deeply influenced by the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi, Krishnamurti, A Course in Miracles and Ernest Holmes, the founder of Science of Mind.

In addition, to study with an ayahuasquero, Jim has been through a number of different healing processes and transformative workshops and has formal training in facilitation and spiritual healing. He brings practical wisdom to his daily work, as well the insight and skill from personally facilitating the ayahuasca healing process of over 1300 people.

Healing has been Jim’s daily work since 2010. His compassionate and supportive presence provides a safe and loving space, allowing people the freedom to face their shadows and release the pain of the past.

Here is an interview with Jim created by Daniel Satari: Jim Discusses Ayahuasca