Manain Amacifen

Master Ayahuasca Shaman Manain Amacifen
Master Ayahuasca Shaman

Our shaman, Manain, comes from a family of steeped in ayahuasca shamanism and healing, and he’s the fourth generation to carry forward this tradition. Born and raised in Requena, a small town about 12 hours from Iquitos by river, Manain began learning the healing-way from his father when he was 16 years old and spent the next 15 years working at his side in his healing practice. When his father died, Manain moved to the small community of San Herardo, about 6 hours deeper into the jungle, and spent the next 20 years there as a popular and well-respected healer.

In 2014 Manain joined the Hummingbird ayahuasca centre, and we’ve had a steady stream of returning guests and referrals since then. His powerful icaros and prayers bring people the deep healing that they’re looking for.

Manain has a deep and profound faith that God is working through the medicine spirits to heal. In everyday life, he’s a quiet and humble man, committed to helping people live happy and healthy lives. As a healer, his gentleness and humility shine through as he encourages people to be open about their troubles so that he can better understand how to help them.

In the first ayahuasca ceremony of the retreat, Manain does a general scan of the group and walks around to get a feel for all the people present. In all subsequent ceremonies he will do specific healing work on each person, stopping in front of their spot in the maloca and singing an icaro directly for them. As we move through the retreat and cleansing and healing begins, Manain appreciates it when people ask for healing for specific issues that have become clearer.

He often prays for people while doing this healing work and frequently asks them to take his hands while he’s praying. Many guests speak of the powerful energy of his direct prayer and healing work and how they can clearly feel deep blocks and energy leave while he’s working on them.

His powerful singing voice carries and guides you on your journey, calling in the spirits and vibrations of healing. Manain’s presence will have a profound impact on your healing that will remain with you for long after you’ve left the center.

Listen to Manain singing in an ayajuasca ceremony