Stacy Keast (Silver Bear)

Lincolnshire, England

Stacy is a shamanic practitioner and teacher who began manifesting her gifts with spirit in early childhood. Her Shamanic training came later in life through a northern European teacher who trained people in the Peruvian shamanic practices of the Shipibo. Stacy came to the Hummingbird Healing Center many years later and had an instant connection with ayahausca. In her words, "My experience was and has been profound. Ayahuasca has been working with me ever since my visit. I can be working with a client when ayahuasca wants to work with the client. She works through my energy field to connect to the traumas that need releasing." Stacy is a powerful healer with a very playful and loving spirit who is a joy to be around. You may connect with Stacy through her Silver Bear Shamanic Practitioner website.

Stacy Keast (Silver Bear) - Lincolnshire, England