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Covid 19 Impacts on Traveling to Peru

 “Transformation is a process, and as life happens there are tons of ups and downs. It’s a journey of discovery – there are moments on mountaintops and moments in deep valleys of despair.” - Rick Warren

Protocols For Flying Into Peru

The following protocols must be followed by all passengers to board international flights:

  • You must present either proof of being fully vaccinated at least 14 days prior to departure OR a negative Covid-19 PCR (molecular) test taken 48 hours before the commercial flight.
  • You must fill out an online "Affidavit of Health" with 72 hrs of leaving for Peru. Instructions for this are below.
  • Double masks must be worn at all times inside the airport and aircraft, and while entering most establishments within Peru.
  • Anyone traveler arriving into Peru with Covid-19 symptoms they are required to report the state, to be monitored, and quarantine for 14 days.

Once in Peru, double masks must be worn in all public places.

Tips For Filling Out the Online Affidavit of Health

Click Here For Affidavit for Entry Affidavit Needs to be filled out within 72 hrs of your your flight leaving for Peru.

At the bottom of the first Affidavit page is an option to switch to English.

If your country is USA, choose EE.UU from the country dropdown list. For Type of Document choose PAS for passport. Enter the passport number and date of birth, then click search. You will be taken to the next page and shown a message in Spanish indicating no match was found, but you can register manually.

There are two boxes with Last Name, put your middle name in the second one.

The Contact cell number has a minimum number of digits for each block that may not match the format of your actual cell phone number. Just put in the minimum digits required and do not worry about it being incorrect. This is the only way to get the form to work.

In the Real address information section, this will be the address of our center

Section If you are resident in Peru:

  • Department = Loreto
  • Province = Maynas
  • District = Iquitos

Real address after the isolation: Carratera Iquitos Nauta KM 14, penetracion 2.6 KM

This form will automatically put your name in the section "Please indicate the people with whom you will be accompanied...". Delete all the data in the populated fields of this section. The form will not post if you do not clear these fields.

There are two check boxes you must accept above the "Legal terms and conditions". Make sure these are checked before posting the form. Click Register, and hopefully the completed affidavit will appear allowing you to print and save it.

Covid Tests for Returning To Your Country

Each person is responsible for knowing the covid requirements for traveling back to their country, including entry to all points of transit. Most countries only require proof of vaccination and some kind of health affidavit one is free of covid symptoms, and this is usually filled out online.

If you have chosen not to vaccinate, you will be responsible for arranging the covid tests required to travel. In Iquitos we can recommend two clinics:

Tramazon Doctor
Address: Yavari 335 (Módulo17, Iquitos 16000
Phone: 959 464 134
(Closed on Sunday)

Clinica Selva Amazonica
Address: Urbanización Jardin N° 27, Fanning, Iquitos
Phone: (065) 242097

Additional Information

The US Embassy In Peru also has regularly maintained accurate Covid19 information for Peru.

The Living In Peru web site also maintains updates about Peru’s Covid-19 Policy

The Lima Easy website has a good page about How to travel safely to and in Peru during Covid