May 15, 2021 Update

Flights longer than 8 hours will be resumed excluding Brazil, South America and the UK.
Those traveling from Brazil, South America or the UK must quarantine in another country for 14 days or will be denied entry to Peru.

Flights from Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Paris will be resumed- but ensure there is no layover in the UK, South Africa, or Brazil as you may be denied entry.

A mandantory 14 day self quarantine is required after arriving to Peru. After landing in Lima you are allowed to continue on to your final destination, so this may be done at the Hummingbird Center. The quarantine requirement may be overridden with a negative antigen test that is taken on arrival into the country.

Protocols For Flying Into Peru

The following protocols must be followed by all passengers to board international flights:

  • You must present a negative COVID-19 PCR (molecular) test taken 72 hours before the commercial flight.
  • Masks must be worn at all times inside the airport and aircraft.
  • During the flight, all passengers must wear a mask AND a plastic facial shield.
  • International travelers arriving in Peru, once landed, must sign a sworn affidavit swearing they are arriving in sound health and that they will quarantine upon arriving at their destination in Peru. This can be done online then printed out. Below are tips for filling out this online form.
  • Anyone traveler arriving into Peru with Covid-19 symptoms they are required to report the state, to be monitored, and quarantine for 14 days.

Once in Peru, masks must be worn in all public places.

Leaving Peru

Most countries now require a negative PCR test within 72 hours of departure. It is up to each individual to determine if this is necessary, but it almost certainly will be. The Hummingbird can arrange for this a few days before you leave our center at a cost of around 600 Peruvian Soles.

Tips For Filling Out the Online Affidavit

Click Here For Affidavit for Entry
Affidavit Needs to be filled out within 72 hrs of your arrival in Peru, not before.

At the bottom of the first Affidavit page is an option to switch to English.

If your country is USA, choose EE.UU from the country dropdown list.

  • Destination Department = Loreto
  • Destination Province = Maynas
  • Destination District = Iquitos

For Personal Itinerary, Choose Lima, Lima, Air Transport, Departure date of your flight to Iquitos

Section If you are resident in Peru:

  • Department = Loreto
  • Province = Maynas
  • District = Iquitos
  • Current address during Isolaton: Carratera Iquitos Nauta KM 14, penetracio 2.6 KM

    Use the same information for Real Address After Isolation section.

    You may leave blank the section "Indicate the people with whom you Will be accompanied in the insolation address".

    Click Register. The next page will show your affidavit. There are two buttons at the top.

    • Descargar = Download
    • Imprimir = Print

    Changes at the Center for Covid 19

    Due to how open our property and facilities are, we do not feel the need to implement strict controls at the Hummingbird Center during retreats.

    • We will not require masks at all times, but do encourage them when people will be close together.
    • We will have alcohol based hand sanitizer available in all rooms and public places and definitely want people to wash their hands regularly.
    • During ceremony people will be at least 10 feet apart.
    • Facilitators will wear a mask when they approach people and when serving ayahuasca, but we will not expect people to wear a mask during ceremony.
    • The medicine will be served in single use, disposable cups.
    • We will have a quick read thermometer and check people's temperature daily.

    Our public areas are spacious and it is easy to maintain distance when hanging out and still have no trouble talking with each other.

    Additional Information

    For the official Peruvian Government travel requirements in Spanish, Click Here

    The US Embassy In Peru also has regularly maintained and accurate Covid19 information for Peru.

    The Living In Peru web site also maintains updates about
    Peru’s Covid-19 Policy